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The Pre-Construction Process

The planning and preparation phase is crucial for a successful custom home or remodeling project. This is where all the ideas, challenges, alternatives, dreams, solutions, and costs can be revealed. More importantly, prudent budgets can be set. This work is only possible by thoughtful dialogue between all parties involved in the construction process. This is why we take the lead here and work with everyone to create a sound set of construction documents that will be the backbone of everything we do once construction begins. Thank you for considering Southland Homes as your builder.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Let’s get to know you:

Have you taken our survey? This helps us get to know you a little better. Please take a few minutes to do that.

Let’s get to know you survey

Step 2 – Rough numbers:

We take your plans and any details you can provide. From these, we will provide you a cost range. We reference previous projects we believe are similar in size and scope while considering the nuances of your unique project. This process will take several days; we are detailed to be sure. We will have a meeting with you to explain how we came to this rough estimate, and you will be able to decide if our costs are in line with your budget. If we are on the same page, let’s go to Step 3!

Step 3 – The Pre-Construction Agreement:

This is where it gets real; during step 3 a commitment is made to work together. Our Pre-Construction Agreement is a simple contract that says exactly this (see attached). This agreement states that we will work with you and any consultants involved in the project to develop sound budgets, materials to be used, and methods of installation. The fee for this work is dependent on the size and scope of the project but most of the time the fee is $4500. This time includes meetings with the architect, engineer, interior designer, on site, in the office, ZOOM, or in the coffee shop! If you’re ready, let’s go to Step 4!

Step 4 – The Construction Contract:

By this point we’ve spent some time together and feel very comfortable with the direction of the project and together we have determined that Southland Homes is the right company to build your dream home! The length of time it takes to get here varies from project to project because they’re all different. Some take a few months; others take over a year!

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention,

sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.

It represents the wise choice of many alternatives”

- William A. Foster

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